When you find the right person, you know. We believe in true love because we found true love (cue tears of joy). That doesn’t mean things are easy or perfect. It means that no matter how great or difficult life gets, we have each other.

We’ve been together for over 16 years. Through it all, we’ve learned a lot about trying new things, overcoming stress and mistakes, and loving each other well every day. We have been extremely lucky (like, impossibly lucky—mostly Eric being lucky to have Amy). Two & Too is a way for us to share with you the things we’ve seen and learned. We don’t have it all figured out (it takes a lot of tries to get it right, you guys). But we’ve been through a lot. And we’ve become closer and more grateful through it all.

You want a lasting, meaningful relationship. We want a lasting, meaningful relationship. That doesn’t happen by magic. There’s no guaranteed step-by-step plan that takes you from love at first sight to long-lasting bliss. It happens through screw ups and forgiveness. Through a lot of listening. Through paying careful attention to every little thing about your significant other and figuring out how to love them as the unique person they are.

Phew. That last paragraph was a little intense. Sorry about that. It’s not all gonna be super deep and overwhelming relation-y things (as important as that can be). We’re gonna feature straight up cool stuff and places, too. Which, conveniently, are always better when you share them with someone.

Sometimes you just wanna crash on the couch together and zombie out to a great show. We’re all about that. Love grows in the little things.

Amy is a hilarious and kind nonconformist. Eric is a quiet, nerdy idealist. You’re gonna get the best of both of us on Two & Too. It definitely won’t be cliched stuff you can’t use or afford. Nobody wants that.

So if you like…

things to make when you’re too tired to cook

and ways to get out to see the world more

and real advice that helps you through the messy stuff…

you’ve found the right place.

This is us two and all of you (you know, Two & Too 😉). We’re gonna do our best to make it awesome.

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