Thrive Market Review

Thrive Market- “Wholesome Products. Wholesale Prices” 

Trying new things is an important part of our relationship. One of the new things we recently found and tried is an online marketplace called Thrive Market. For a membership fee (with a 30-day free trial!) you get organic “wholesome products” at wholesale prices. We’re talking surprisingly affordable. It is a great deal! You get your items in the mail, along with this amazing catalog/newsletter with stories about products (Like this ONE) and recipes for things like essential oils aromatherapy, meals, and smoothies. The best thing is that Thrive Market has such great prices it allows you to try new products without breaking the bank. Their goal is to give more people access to healthy foods and products, and they’re off to a good start.

Via by Carly Hennigan

Here are some of the items we ordered:

Bob’s Red Mill Organic Quick Rolled Oats for our Oatmeal in Jars breakfast. (Recipe Here)

Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Sugar for all our baking needs. 

Fishpeople- Creamy Razon Calm and Bacon Chowder which is our new go-to lunch for $3.95! 

Awesome new snacking favorite: Saffron Road’s Non-GMO Crunchy Chickpeas

They even have household and beauty products! We got some lemongrass and argan stem cell shampoo and conditioner by Acure Organics, and it’s been amazing.

We love being “early adopters”–trying things when they first come out. If it’s awesome we will definitely tell you about it. Thrive Market is the real deal.

If you want to try it for yourself, click here to sign up:

Let us know what you think!

Things We Like This Week: #3


Picture by Amy- Alaska 2015

We exchanged some great gifts this year. Most importantly, we got to spend a lot of time together relaxing, cooking, and watching our favorite holiday movies. Here’s our holiday gift wrap up: