Tent Camping Journey- Joshua Tree

IMG_3317 It’s hard to believe we’ve just transitioned from Summer to Fall. In Los Angeles we are at 100 degrees today, so temperature-wise it’s still feeling pretty summery. It has us reflecting a bit on everything we’ve been able to do through our Summer 2015. This year we got bit by the outdoor bug and went on four camping trips.

Our first trip was to Joshua Tree National Park for a three-day weekend in August. If you know anything about the area, it’s typically blazing hot then, and rather void of people because of it. We truly lucked out on the weather with 75 degree days, and had what seemed like the desert to ourselves most of the time since everyone else had stayed away.

This trip was a first step before we did some “hardcore” outdoorsing–tent camping together, which would be a new experience for us as a couple together. We have both tent-camped before individually, but never together. To ease our way into our Summer of Adventure, we decided to try out Airbnb. We found THIS amazing place to stay at. It was awesome.

Whether we were in the national park or our reclusive cabin nearby, there really was something special about the desert. It has a unique beauty and the ability to allow you to reflect and disengage from the world for a time. It felt great. Our time was simplified down to the basics. We cooked, listened to music, sat outside, and watched the stars at night as we heard distance coyotes howling. Most importantly we talked, for hours with no distractions or interruption.

Joshua Tree

Fall brings a whole host of new opportunities to get away and be outside. Do it! Maybe you’re lucky enough to be somewhere cooler, with changing trees and Fall rainstorms and hot chocolate and everything else wonderful about this season. There’s still time before the busyness of the holidays to take care of yourself and recharge.

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