Encountering WoodKid: Date Your Mate

Encountering Woodkid’s (aka Yoann Lemoine) music was pure coincidence: one afternoon lounging around the apartment the primal “Iron,” from the same-titled 2011 EP, popped up on Spotify radio, and the thundering drums and crisp brass were immediately intriguing. Even more coincidental was bumping into that record right around the time Lemoine had announced the long-awaited upcoming release of a full album. So … Continue reading Encountering WoodKid: Date Your Mate

Movie Night: A Place at the Table

When we hear about the hundreds of millions of people throughout the world who do not have access to clean water and suffer from the diseases of unclean sources, in places like Bolivia and Rwanda, we are saddened, but no longer surprised. Because of the news coverage, images, and social interconnectivity the Internet provides, we are no longer ignorant in the United States and … Continue reading Movie Night: A Place at the Table